Lerna Bed


Every texture of the bed can be changed by the bed menu, there are 52 textures for each of the seven pillows, 47 for the quilt and 12 for the mattress sheets and the inner quilt.

In addition to the extremely versatile texture change, we added 20 prerecorded texture sets for a quick style change and the user can easily record 10 more so you will have your favorite textures combinations at one click.

The customization feature can be restricted to the owner or group usage only so nobody will mess with your bed textures without your permission.

Inside the box you will find:

The bed with 111 textures and 1303 animations (13 li).

A nightstand (2 li).

A rug with 11 color textures (1 li). (the texture change can be restricted to the owner or a group or allowed to everyone)

A picture with 14 different textures in 2 sizes (1li each). (the texture change can be restricted to the owner or a group or allowed to everyone)

A lamp (3 li).

A pair of decorative suitcases (2 li).

A decorative book (1 li).

Decorative glasses (1li).


We used a total of 1303 animations for this bed and that means a lot of ways of fun.

This bed is perfect for your day to day, we added poses for breakfast, sleeping, reading, working late with your laptop, have the first coffee in bed…

But of course, it wouldn’t be an Urban Style Designs item without an extensive couples menu.

You will find all you need: Cuddles, Foreplay, oral sex, sex, threesome and many more, most of the sex poses are multi-speed for a better experience. All of them of course with the best and smoother animations you will find, the engine is also gay friendly, we added a set of exclusive poses for lesbian and gay lovers (come and try it at our store and you won’t be disappointed).

The bed also has an extensive BDSM menu, from tickling your submissive with a duster to whip him/her hanging on the BDSM rack or use him/her tied to the bed, the possibilities are endless. The menu will also provide all you need, from a flogger to a dildo or a candle to pour hot wax on your submissive. Some BDSM poses uses chains, you can use any lockguard compatible set of cuffs or use the cuffs that we provide the bed will give a set of cuffs to anyone who clicks the GetCuffs button in the BDSM menu.

But things can get a little bit naughtier, this bed can be used by four avatars (6 if one couple is using the BDSM menu) so it makes it perfect for swingers too. Each of the couples will have a different menu with different animations for a more realistic experience and our innovative swap system will make things easier, once you click the SWAP button, and if there are more than 2 avatars on the bed, you will receive a menu with the names of the avatars using it, just click the name of the avatar you want to swap position with and that´s all, of course, if the bed is being used by a couple of avatars the swap button will behave as normal, swapping positions between those avatars.

(Having different animations for each couple doesn’t mean that those animations used for the second couple are wasted if the bed is used only by two avatars, you will always have access to them by a single click.)


The bed is Aeros compatible, it means that the hardness and tilt of the Aeros genitals will be changed automatically depending on the pose you are running, You can also record your settings to match your avatar perfectly or disable this feature if you prefer by the options menu.

The sex engine is also compatible with the It’s Not Mine Cum System if the avatar is wearing a compatible penis, for example, Aeros or Xcite! (see It’s Not Mine cum system for more info) cums, it will come to the right place. It has lick events implemented to the poses that make sense so the right place will be cleaned when licking and there is a cleanup pose too that will clean your avatar.

Of course, this feature can be turned off too on the options menu if you prefer to choose where you want to come.

The bed is compatible too with Xcite!, this means that your arousal level will be increased by some poses if you are using Xcite! Genitals.


Key features.
-1303 animations.

-111 textures with 20 presets and 10 user-programmable presets.

-Menu-driven swap system for swinger couples.
-Bento hand poses that can be turned off/on.
-No poseballs.
-Lag reduction.
-Easy adjustment for different avatar sizes.
-Aeros compatible.
-It’s Not Mine body cum system.
-Xcite! compatible.
-It can be restricted to be used by the owner, a group, or everyone.

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